Sprinkler Condition Reporting & 25 Year Testing

After 25 years, a sprinkler system should undergo a range of enhanced tests and servicing, helping to ensure that the system will still do what it was designed for: saving property and lives.

We offer the full range of services, to ensure you are compliant with the current standards and will provide you with an action plan for any remedial work that may be required.

  • Laboratory Sprinkler Head Testing
  • Pipework and Waterway Inspections
  • Pipework Flushing

ND Pipework Inspections

The condition of your sprinkler pipework is another crucial factor in the correct operation of your system. Scaling, corrosion or leaks in your pipework are all areas of major concern, especially when dealing with alternate sprinkler systems.

Blockages or restrictions in the pipework can affect the hydraulic performance of your system, as well as causing delays, or even worse, the failure of the system to operate correctly.

Wouldn't it be a major game changer to know what is going on beneath the surface?

We are pleased to offer a non-destructive form of pipework inspection, utilising specialised pipework inspection cameras, as well as ultra-sonic measurement equipment. Pipework can remain in-situ without the need to replace tube that is in good condition.

We gather all these sources of data together to build a picture of the current condition on the pipework that's more than skin deep. Once you know what is going on, you have the ability to take action.

Regular inspection of the same pipework will provide you with a rate of corrosion, allowing you to plan and budget for further maintenance requirements.