Fire Hydrants

Most fire hydrants are found on the footpaths in the UK, in a place where fire crews can easily attach their hoses for access to a local, strong supply of water.

Sometimes, however, the public hydrants available are too far away from your building to be used, so you may have one or more private hydrant on your premises. As this hydrant is your responsibility, you need to ensure it is kept accessible and in working order at all times.

At TPT, we can carry out routine checks and maintenance on your private hydrant network all year round, so you can be confident that your hydrants are always ready for use.

Fire Hosereels

In addition, your building may have been fitted with a fire hosereel. This is mainly due to fire extinguishers containing specialised materials suitable for different types of fires, which are sometimes difficult to access during an emergency.

A hose reel is designed to provide a controlled water supply to suppress any Class A Fire – which is any type of flammable solid. If your building is still fitted with a fire hosereel, you need to make sure the hose reel itself and it's pumping system are still operational.

Our experts can examine your hosereels and any attached pumping system by performing a routine maintenance, to keep them in perfect working order when you most need them.