Dry & Wet Risers

Dry and wet riser systems are simply a series of boxes and pipes within your building that the fire department use to access large volumes of water, to extinguish a fire in a remote location.

Dry riser systems are installed dry, but with an inlet connector at ground level and landing values on each floor, that will allow water to be pumped into the system from the fire services appliances. These systems can only be installed up to 50m above the fire access level on the ground floor.

Wet risers, however, are permanently charged with water from a pumped source on site. These systems still come with landing valves to allow firefighting on each level, but they can be installed up to and above the 50m level, as they have been designed to provide pressure and flow for upper floors.

Naturally, these systems need care. TPT's teams are all managed by experienced professionals, who are familiar with the intricate set up of dry and wet risers in established and new builds.

Once you have installed a dry or wet riser, it is important to have it serviced regularly to ensure it is ready for immediate use, should the need arise. Get in touch with our maintenance team to find out how we can keep your building safe.

Click here to read our dry riser service specification.