Fire Pumps

If your automatic sprinklers, wet riser or private hydrant network is fed from a stored water supply, then the fire pump, or pumps as the case may be, really are the beating heart of the system. Keeping your fire pumps in good working condition is essential to ensuring your system is ready to act, if the worst happens.

The latest sprinkler rules (BS EN 12845, TB203 Appendix A), have for the first time specified minimum service levels required for fire pumps. A 58 point check list has been compiled to help ensure all fire pumps are maintained to the highest levels.

We have partnered up with a specialist nationwide fire pump company to ensure your pumps are not only maintained well, but also compliant to the latest rules and regulations.

Not only do we offer a basic compliant service, but we can take on all types and sizes of repairs, ranging from replacement of a jockey pump to the complete refurbishment or replacement of your largest diesel pump set.

Therefore, whether you have a single LPC approved electric or 4 FM Approved diesel driven pumps, we can provide you with the maintenance that they require.

Click here to read our fire pump service specification.