At TPT, we pride ourselves on our core values. These values support our vision and shape the culture of TPT Fire.  They are the essence of our identity; the principles, beliefs and philosophy behind the service we deliver to you.


Togetherness - It is essential that we work well together as a team in order to achieve the best results and to have a sense of morale in our place of work.
Passion - We are passionate about everything we do as a company, whether this is delivering a great level of customer service or carrying out a sprinkler service on site.
Talent - We believe in recognising our employees’ natural talents and helping them to develop their skills, by encouraging continued learning and training.
Family - As a family owned and operated business, we consider family to be a central value of TPT and believe that all employees are part of TPT’s extended family. We believe in the notion that we all work hard to in order to support our families at home.
Integrity - We act with integrity and believe in an honest approach in all aspects of what we do at TPT.
Responsibility - Working with lifesaving equipment, we believe it is our duty to deliver the best possible fire protection services to our customers, as well as to provide a safe working environment for our staff.
Excellence - It is our objective to deliver a consistent, outstanding level of service and professionalism to our customers.

Togetherness. Passion. Talent. Family. Integrity. Responsibility. Excellence.