Domestic & Residential Sprinklers

Not only do TPT supply fire protection systems to businesses; we also work closely with home owners and house builders to protect their properties. Statistics show that over 80% of all building fires in the UK last year were in private dwellings – an ordinary home just like yours.

Most homes now have a basic fire alarm installed and some more savvy owners may even keep a fire extinguisher on hand. If you don't, can you prevent a small fire from turning into a blaze that destroys your home?

If you are looking to protect your kitchen from fires, or a landlord looking to safeguard your tenants, we can help. Our team of experienced engineers can maintain a protective sprinkler system. These systems are subtle and not at all invasive, and won't impact the design of your home, so you can feel safe and almost forget it's there.

Investing in regular maintenance of your domestic fire protection system will make sure it is operating perfectly when you need it. Just ask one of our servicing engineers how they can make your home a safer place.

Click here to read our domestic sprinkler service specification.